Do you know how to tell when your Doxie is bored? Dachshunds are smart little dogs that have lots of energy and a strong prey drive. This means that if they don’t have something to do, they will come up with a way to expel that energy – and you are probably not going to like it. Here are 5 signs your Dachshund is bored and how to bust that boredom!

Image Source: Irene Kightley via Flickr
Image Source: Irene Kightley via Flickr

#1 – Destructive Behavior

Dachshunds are busy dogs and that high prey drive means they like to destroy things. If your Doxie is “killing” your kid’s toys, shoes, etc., he is probably bored. The exceptions would be if he is teething or suffers from separation anxiety. Too much energy and not enough outlets for it equals a nice chew fest.