Beautiful ‘Two-Faced’ Cat Becomes Father To Kittens In Each Of His Colors

The phrase ‘two-faced’ isn’t particularly nice when attributed to a human, but there’s nothing more adorable than seeing a kitty with two-toned fur.

This is Narnia, an adorable British Shorthair from France, he made the headlines back in 2018 after getting in front of the lens of professional animal photographer Jean-Michel Labat.


Narnia was born on the 28th of March, 2017, and his human, Stephanie Jimenez, instantly fell in love with her blue-eyed sweetie.

Here he is as a teeny tiny kitten…


Exactly why he was born looking this way is unknown but is very similar to a chimera cat which is the result of 2 fertilised eggs fusing to become a single kitten inside the womb.

Stephanie says: “When Narnia was born I was extremely surprised. I knew immediately that he was exceptional.”


This two-faced kitty made the headlines because he fathered two kittens that have each taken their fur color from either side of Narnia’s face.


The siblings, gray-haired Phoenix and black-haired Prada, are completely adorable and both of them have been graced with their father’s good looks.

“My children have each taken a part of me,” Stephanie wrote as Narnia on Instagram.


As it happens, this isn’t the first time that Narnia has been a parent and it probably won’t be his last.

This is because Stephanie is a professional cat breeder and runs the Chatterie de la Grace, specializing in breeding British Shorthair kitties.


This delightful blue-eyed, two-faced kitty has a face precisely split into a gray and a black side.

While all kittens are born with blue eyes, their eye color will typically change as they mature, adjusting to the production of larger amounts of pigment (melatonin). 

So, it’s quite rare for an adult cat to have blue eyes, check out 12 breeds of cats with blue eyes for more info.


So far all of Narnia’s offspring are of different color variations and are all beautiful.


Stephanie says she knew that Narnia was exceptional from the moment he was born…


With parents like these, it’s obvious that good looks run in the family.


Stephanie says that she knew her darling boy was exceptional from the moment she saw him.

And we wholeheartedly agree with her!

You can see more of Narnia on Instagram

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