Cats Bonding With Their Owners

Many experts have the opinion that cats are independent animals. According to these same experts, cats choose to stay with humans as a survival strategy. While some people concur, others do not. Although, those that agree are more than those who do not. The cat and owner bond is still somewhat a mystery.

Have you ever met anyone who owns a cat, they’ll tell you that cats bond really well with people even though they are picky about whom they bond with. A cat would usually pick who it bonds with in a home. When a cat wants to bond with you, you’ll know because you’ll see him climbing on your lap and trying to snuggle up with you when sleeping at night. A strong sign of affection is purring especially if the cat wants to bond with you. Despite the efforts made by many experts to understand why cats pick a particular person with whom they bond, they have not found out why. It could be the attitude of the person, the voice or maybe just the way the cat is treated by that person. It may also be because of the person’s gentleness or slight aggressiveness which brings out the best in the cat.

Researchers have tried to approach this subject through different perspectives, one of them being that there is a “psychic aura” a person exudes that makes a cat bond with them, one that matches both the individual and the cat. A cat will not pay attention to a person if it gets bad vibes. While some may not completely agree, most cat owners will tell you that it is totally true.

Although, many people have postulated some theories and made speculations, there is no established reason why cats bond with people. No evidence is available either aside that cats have a natural instinct to survive. Cat owners are aware of the fact that cats are attention seekers and they do this to have a sense of belonging. They enjoy being fussed over by their owners and will show you so much love if given the chance.

New cat owners may have a different bonding experience. Cats differ a lot from other animals like dogs because they have a different way in which they bond. Different breeds of cats have different ways of bonding with their owners, though, majority would rather choose affection and attention. If you increase the time you spend with your cat, it will bond more with you. with time, you’ll discover that you’ve created a very strong bond with your cat which can’ t be broken.

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