What to Do With a Finicky Cat

Your cat may refuse to eat for a number of different reasons. If sickness isn’t the cause, you have to dig deep to know what the problem is. Digging deeper is the way to go when you have a finicky cat that won’t eat.

It might be problematic for a cat to eat from a small or light bowl. If it’s a bowl that is very unsteady, your cat might decide it’s not worth the trouble. If the cat doesn’t like where its food bowl is situated, change the placement.

If there are other pets or even other cats, your cat may feel intimidated by them. It may be difficult for a cat to eat from its bowl I it is kept close to the dog’s bed, near a household appliance that is very noisy or a busy part of the house. Some cats may delay eating till everyone has left the room. A good number of dogs will naturally attempt to eat the cat’s food when it is brought.

Additionally, think of how long the cat food has been left in the open. Your cat may not have the appetite to eat food left open all through the night or in a warm weather condition. Cats do not eat much in warm weather conditions. Other cats don’t take it well when their food is changed. If you want to try a different brand of cat food, space it out over some days. Add more of the new food to the old one every day till you change the food completely.

If your cat eats more of dry food, consider serving it canned food from time to time or put some broth in its meal. Cats that have grown old or some breeds may have some difficulty chewing dry food because of sore teeth or gums. If you dig a little deep, you’ll find out why you cat has refused to eat. Making a little adjustment in the right areas can make your cat less finicky and more cooperative.

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